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This library contains all geoprocessing power that is behind JGrass and that can be kept at library level.


The main reason for extracting the processing power from JGrass is due mainly to:

  • the need to cleanup the whole project creating a new project with clear roadmap and release cycles
  • the need to supply the processing power not only to desktop applications but also to more modern applications like the WPS in serverside mapping environments or OMS3 in elastic clouds.

Project structure

The projects is subdivided in main parts:

  • the Horton Machine - the main hydro-geomorphological tool box and main tools of JGrass
  • the Gears - more generic gis tools that can be found in JGrass, from the map calculation to the profile creation. Also it contains base libraries, on which the other projects may depend on.

Project documentation

If you are searching a place to start from, then your best bet is the Project Documentation.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute code or documentation, please start here.

Continuous Build Server

A build server is kindly supplied by Travis CI

Travis CI

It is placed here.

Need help?

Voluntary support is supplied through the mailinglist.

Reporting bugs and wish list

Users that want to ask for enhancements or report bugs can use our tracker.


If you find this application useful for your job, please consider to donate to support the development. Donations to this project support the development of JGrasstools, JGrass, BeeGIS and GeoPaparazzi. Thank you.

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